You have a purpose.

In this social media driven world we live in today it is so easy to get caught up in the jealousy of other people's lives, leaving our hearts filled with discontentment of our own lives. I am guilty of it daily. As women we face many challenges and pressures on who we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to look like. Social media has allowed us to look at ourselves through the eyes of the world instead of through the eyes of our creator.

God knit you together in your mother's womb with purpose. He did not perfectly craft each of us uniquely just for a beauty pageant. We are designed for so much more than what this world allows. He has designed us to do great things that serve his kingdom. You were created to love. To love yourself and every unique gift God has given you. To love others freely and endlessly. If you are not giving yourself the love and grace that God gives you in every single moment then how will you be able to give that same love to others? You cannot pour from an empty cup. Allow God to fill your cup with peace, love, faith, trust and understanding that your burdens are not yours to carry.

God is ALWAYS there waiting for you. Whether you are paying attention or listening to him or not, he is always present. God is WITHIN you. Stop worrying about what others see with their eyes when they look at you and start worrying more about how much of an impact you are making on their souls when they are around you. Let Jesus and his gracious love shine from within you. Life is not a competition to see has the best looks, most money or is most successful and highest on the totem pole. Stop using others definition of success determine your happiness or your idea of success. Life is about accepting and loving yourself and others with every broken piece just as Jesus does and using the gifts God gave you to grow his kingdom. The money and success will come. Stay focused on God in everything you do and you will be blessed.

We are all broken. Not a single one of us is whole. He can relieve you of your burdens and worries. You are beautiful because you were created perfectly with the hand of the Lord. Rejoice in his faithfulness.

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