You know those people you meet and immediately click? Yeah, that's what it was like doing this session with Jason and Joalda. So much so that we entirely lost track of time and a 30 minute session turned into 2 hours. One thing I adore most about photography is actually getting to know people's stories. You would have no idea, but I talk with my clients the entire time and they tell me their stories. What I capture are simply split seconds in between conversation.

Learning how couples meet, how they fell in love, their favorite things to do together, things that annoy them about each other....all of it. I LOVE ALL OF IT! For the couples who have worked with me before, they know that I'm really just super nosy and want to know everything about's just who I am! These two could talk about each other all day though and it was perfect!

You may not be able to hear it, but I KNOW you can FEEL it.....the love that is! It's written all over their faces. I wish I had been recording this session because he just kept telling her over and over again how beautiful she is and how much he loved her. It melted my soul!!!! The old school theme perfectly matched their old school love.

The first time I ever met Joalda was actually pretty embarrassing hahaha. I walked into my first day of physical therapy (I will spare you the embarrassing details though) and Joalda was at the front desk waiting for her patient to arrive. I noticed she kept eyeing me, but I wasn't sure why. Then she acted like I was a celebrity or something because she recognized that I was a photographer here in New Mexico. It was the first time I had ever been recognized for my work and made my whole week!!! Almost a full year later and I am HONORED they chose me to capture their milestones, but now they are stuck with me for life! Suckers!!!!

When we sat down to sign their contract I told them "let's do something fun for your engagement session, I need some creative sessions in my life." Of course they were on board, but I had no idea that they would take it and run with it! They picked the location, brought their 1950's truck up to Jemez, dressed the part and brought a full picnic....just wait until you see! This whole session created the most adorable and perfect little date you have ever experienced.

One of my favorite places to be is by a creek in the mountains listening to all of the nature sounds. I was in bliss driving to this session...but when I arrived and saw we were going to a little creek...PURE BLISS! Keep scrolling for the cutest picnic ever!

Blanket, basket, sandwich, strawberries, apple pie, vintage Coca-Cola, vintage camera and tequila! What more can one ask for?

I just cannot handle the smiles and love these two share. There is no doubt in my mind that they were made for each other! Even when I asked them to tell me things that annoy them about the other, they hardly had anything to say. His only complaint was how long it takes her to get ready, but told her many times that he still appreciated the outcome and yet again told her how beautiful she is. Like WHAT? These two were dropped out of a love story for sure! Biker version of The Notebook? Hahaha

I wish someone was there to take behind the scenes photos or video to show me almost falling into the creek for majority of these shots. At one point I even considered just taking my shoes off and standing in it. Are you obsessed with them yet?

Something I love about photographs is the story they tell, or the story you want them to tell. You may not see it, but we were talking about the proposal during their picnic. Picture this, gorgeous sunset against the ocean, standing on a boat together watching the sunset, sipping drinks all day, he gives her a speech and she doesn't what does Jason do? REALLY expresses his love for her with an f-bomb every other word making sure his point gets across because...anxiety hahaha! She obviously said yes! I wish I was there to see this myself!

Something everyone knows about me is how much I love sunsets, but I had yet to find people who love them as much as I do...until I met Joalda & Jason! Their favorite thing to do together is watch a sunset. So dreamy and romantic!!!! Watching sunsets are my favorite thing to do alone!

Can you tell how playful they are together? I kept telling them how much my cheeks were hurting from smiling and laughing with them! I just had a blast capturing them!

More mountain adventures please!!!!! I never wanted this session to end! I could have gone on forever and ever!

"We can't dance, but we love to dance!"

They don't know what they are talking about because they obviously knew how to dance, and they had so much fun doing it! I CANNOT wait for their first dance at the wedding, I already know it will be priceless!

And now to keep the vintage vibe going, here are my favorite black and whites from the session! I rarely post or share black and whites, which I don't understand because they are always my favorite, at every session. The emotion they capture is so pure!

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