Vampire Themed Halloween Session

Halloween is my favorite time of year, and if you have been following me, you know I do at least one Halloween session every year. This year guys all came to step up the game and book your own Halloween sessions! A month filled with them! These three stunning ladies wanted to do a vampire themed session and well...enjoy!!!!

I honestly was not anticipating these beauties to show up truly looking like they were characters in Vampire Diaries! As soon as they got out of the car, my heart exploded and I wanted to jump up and down with excitement!

From their make up and contacts to their perfectly crafted outfits, they absolutely ROCKED IT! If you've ever done a session with me before then you know we are always laughing, at least I am hahaha. This one was really hard to stay serious, you should see how many outtakes I have! HOWEVER, once you scroll down to the post-feeding photos, you will be entirely creeped out with the smiles we captured. They look like they enjoyed every drop of blood!

I wanted them to find their inner fierce when walking towards me and they said "like we are going to attack you?" OF COURSE!!!! These vamps pulled out some serious "we're coming for you" energy and went for it! If I didn't know it was all pretend, I would have been scared! They each hold their own personality and it really shows in the characters they created!

Did I mention it got a little bloody? Hahahahahahaha!!! TOO LATE! Happy spooky season everyone! Don't you want to watch whatever movie they came out of?

This has been my favorite Halloween session to date, which makes me even more excited for all of the ones still to come!!! I would NOT want to accidentally walk down whatever alleyway these three are hunting in!

Yup, they went all in! Every. Last. Drop. Just kidding! But it sure does look like it though! The homeless guy however, well he gulped some nasty plastic blood. No. I am not joking. He walked up (drunk out of his mind) and asked them for some blood, so they kindly poured some into his hands...AND HE POURED IT INTO HIS MOUTH and rubbed it all over his face and hands. We quickly left because....WHAT JUST HAPPENED. I am so curious what people thought that saw him after it happened!!!

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