Tent Rocks Engagement Session

Emily & Harold Tent Rock Engagement Session

When meeting up to talk about my pricing options for their wedding day, it quickly turned into almost two hours of talking, laughing and finding a mutual weirdness. At the end I stepped away to let them discuss their decision and I came back to them saying yes to booking their big day with T. Rayne Photography!!! I knew from that moment that this was going to be a very fun match between the three of us. There was no doubt in my mind that I was meant to capture their day.

We turned the conversation towards the free engagement session and began to talk about where and what we wanted to do. Emily and Harold met through dance, so we agreed that including dance would be fun. That made me think of Tent Rocks right away for their location. We all agreed that it would be the best location...and let me just say, I couldn't have imagined it any other way!

One of the things that bonded us right away was simply authenticity. I knew right away I would be able to capture very raw moments with them. Their goofy love for each other is infectious and admirable. We had a session full of laughs, inappropriate comments and many memories made and captured!

To say I am excited for their February 22, 2020 wedding would be a complete understatement. I am going to long for capturing their day for months!!! As a photographer, we can get very invested into our clients to make sure we are capturing the day through the vision of the couple properly. Photography plays such an important role in the wedding process. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and it passes so quickly. Photographs will keep the memories of your day frozen forever.

I absolutely adore how playful Emily and Harold are. You can't help but feel their love when you look at how bright their smiles are together. It was a busy hiking day at Tent Rocks on a warm June Saturday morning, but you would never know that by the stillness of these gorgeous rock structure backgrounds. We hiked our way through the narrow pathways and patiently waited for our chance to get the shot!

This is by far one of the most fun sessions I've captured. We joked how difficult it was going to be for us to stay on track for their wedding because we just have a blast and get lost in time!

I can't tell you how many times we were stopped for hikers congratulating the couple. It was so much fun to see them be loved on by others as well. I felt a lot of pressure to be in such a beautiful location capturing these sweet moments....but I am OBSESSED!!!