Snowy Styled Wedding

Ahhh styled photoshoots...where do I even begin? So much planning, preparation and detail goes into them! I was sooooo excited when Karlee reached out about putting one together to have hosted at her new venue, The Log River Ranch. If you haven't already seen how amazing this venue is, buckle up because you are about to be blown away!

Let me start by introducing our amazing couple, Brittny & Nick. Prepare yourself to fall head over heels for them like we did. These two said their actual "I Do's" on the beach in Mexico with their closest friends and family, then came home and later had a big reception with everyone else to celebrate. This snowy session was certainly the complete opposite of their big day, but they absolutely rocked it and we couldn't have done it without them!!!

We started our morning here in Albuquerque with Beauty Therapy by Kim. Her love for transformation and the overall art made her the perfect fit for our hair and make up. Kim was so much fun to get to know and her talent truly shows in all of the photos!

After hair and make up we headed out to The Log River Ranch in Chama, NM. Caycee J joined us to take video of the day. (We definitely stopped at Chick-Fil-A on our way out, which made for very full of tea bladders when we arrived...TMI?) Upon arriving, we were absolutely STUNNED by how much snow there really was #winterwonderland

This gorgeous snow princess gown was the PERFECT fit in every aspect! A huge thank you to Uptown Bride for providing this gown for us. Stacy and her staff were such a pleasure to work with. They chose awesome options for us, but how could we not pick this one? It was such a dream!

First looks are such a fun way to start your wedding day! They are not traditional in any form, but I absolutely love the intimacy captured as they get a moment alone before the craziness of the day begins.

I knew right away that I wanted to incorporate a first look with this styled session. I was nervous to bring up the idea as it wasn't a real wedding, so I wasn't sure if I would capture the same amount of intimacy, but these two did not disappoint. This moment had all of the same nervousness and excitement as it would have if it were their real day. When I first told Brittny that was something I wanted to do, she was so excited! I could tell even in that moment how much love they had for each other!

Now lets talk about all of the beautiful flowers that For the Love of Flowers perfectly crafted for every little detail. Centerpiece, bouquet, boutonniere, arch decor, table decor, hair piece and yes, even a doggy collar piece!

I think we can all agree that Nellie stole the show! Here are some more "too cute to handle" photographs of this sweet girl. And yes, we are absolutely THAT extra!!!!