Mr. & Mrs. Alvidrez

I don't know where to begin my thoughts and heart for Alena & Roberts big day. I met Alena YEARS ago when I started working at Aeropostale my freshman year of college and we have been talking about and dreaming of this day since! Alena's ultimate dream career is to be a wedding planner and you're about to see why! It's time to leap my dear friend!!!!!

Are you obsessed yet? From the lacey detail in her dress to the crown and white fuzzy slippers. Every single detail from this day was put together absolutely perfectly and flawlessly. The best part was Alena was super calm all day long. My dream bride! I just want to pocket her up and take her to every wedding with me! I can't wait for her to start chasing her dreams so we can make a dream team for brides!!!

The most stunning bride I have ever seen!!! When I first arrived, I was a mess. Forgot my mask...because I have hardly left the house since March hahaha and I felt like I had no idea what I was doing since it has been almost 5 months since I have photographed a wedding! Covid couldn't ruin our day though!!!

Details, details, details! I asked Alena to have a box of details ready for me when I arrived and girl DID NOT DISAPPOINT! Everything green and gold you could think of was waiting for me. It was perfect! I am entirely obsessed with the perfume bottle and shoes though!

Ahh I love when couples read letters to each other before heading down the aisle. Even though they didn't see each other, the nerves lifted after a simple touch and hearing each others voices. Afterall, that is her person!

The organic florals from Calhoun Flower Farms were such a fresh touch on the day. They made me want to dance in fields of flowers. We can't forget the cute hand sanitizer and masks ready for guests as they arrived. I am still trying to get use to the whole mask thing, but to have guests able to be in matching masks was a relief!

One of my favorite moments from the entire day was when Alena's son took over walking her down the aisle the rest of the way to Robert. If I said I didn't tear up, I would be lying to you! It feels like just yesterday i wa sgetting the "I have something to tell you" message from Alena to tell me she was pregnant with Axtyn. I have been capturing her milestones since her maternity session, which happened to be my very first maternity session EVER! My oh my how much has grown since then!

As a photographer, I always get super nervous when weddings are inside of churches, most of them don't allow flash and most of them are darker, which is not ideal for photos. I was super excited when I walked in and the walls were all white and there was natural light pouring in! It was a stunning ceremony in a stunning church! Also, peep Axtyn's little smirk at the camera. He kept getting mad at me for not paying attention to the ceremony...he even shook his head no at me and pointed very sternly at the priest telling me to stop taking his picture and pay attention! It was the cutest thing ever!

Peep again, Axtyn fixing her dress above! He got up during the ceremony to fix his momma's dress and I just swooned! Can we also agree that the lasso falls perfectly over her shoulder with the gown!!!!! AHHHHHHHH I just can't get over all of the details!

So before covid happened I was planning on photographing this day in a bridesmaid dress, while being a bridesmaid. In fact, in the words of Alena "I am challenging you to do both" haha. I can't wait to get dolled up next year for the big reception and dance the night away in the gorgeous bridesmaid dresses she picked for us! It will still be entertaining to see me in all the positions I am in to get "the shot" in a dress, but I am superwoman!!!!

We're almost to my favorite part of the day....PORTRAITS!!! But first, let's swoon over this adorable getaway with the old school fire truck! Robert works for the fire department, so the next sections of photos are going to be all over his heroic acts! These trucks made for the perfect backdrops for photos! I adore capturing creative, out of the box portraits like these!

But first, Axtyn needed some Chick-Fil-A for lunch! How adorbale is this momma son duo???? I just love them!

I don't even have words to use for all of these portraits. Wow. Just wow. That is all I have to say! Like the nerves with the church lighting, we had nerves with the lighting at the station. The sun was directly above us and shining straight onto the station where we didn't want it...but I love a good challenge!!! And with a dress that throws the way hers did, it didn't even matter what the sun looked like!

I have obsessively flipped through this gallery about a hundred times since I finished it on Monday.....less than 48 hours after the wedding hahaha! I was so excited I spent 12 straight hours editing and enjoyed every minute of it!

The love Robert has for not only Alena, but for Axtyn as well is admirable and respectable. He stepped in and is absolutely amazing be a role model for little man! Axtyn thinks he is the coolest ever and wants to grow up to be a firefighter just like him!

Is your heart still working or has it stopped like mine has??? My favorite part of every wedding is this time I have the couple all to myself to let them be giddy over being husband and wife! The smiles, the kisses, the snuggles, the laughs. I just love it all!!!

Prince charming swooping his queen up in hi arms and running away with her! And now for what I was most excited for.....THE DRESS!!!

Pinch me, I'm dreaming!!!! When Alena told me we were going to do photos with the engine, the first thing that came to my mind was hanging her dress on I actually made her go change out of it just to get some shots of it and it was 10000000% worth it! They also joined in for some adorable shots with her casual shorts and fire shirt! Can't forget that adorable garter to create a pop! Also, still dying over the crown!!!!

Pretty much everything about the photos for this day were on the spot decisions, and I am thrilled with it! Fun fact, I don't usually go into weddings or regular sessions with any sort of plan on what we are doing. I see the world in frames through a lens even when I am not looking through one, so I choose to just roll with it and change my perspective on things on the spot. We walked over to a little grass area across from the station with a traffic light and continuous cars behind them!

Funny story, my husband and the maid of honor were assisting us in working the dress and shoulder capes...Just before that last photo my husband went to throw the cape and it detached from her dress and fell off. i wish i had captured the look on his face when he realized what had happened (unaware that they were made to come off). The panic in his eyes was priceless because he thought he had just ruined her gown!

Uhm how adorable is he!!!! I can't believe I have been capturing this cute little smile since he was in his momma's belly! My heart hurts when i see these babes growing up, but I adore capturing them over the years!

You're about to experience the most perfect backyard reception you have ever seen! From the details, to the grand entrance, to the Mrs. Alvidrez hand painted jacket, to the neon sign! You want Alena planning your wedding, I promise!

Live singers for their first dance on their patio after making their way down the spiral stair case lined with mason jars....just so so dreamy. All of it.

Are you hungry for all the treats yet? I very impatiently waited for this table to be complete so I could admire every little detail on it! I think every wedding needs an extravagant dessert table.

Originally I planned to have them change back into their gown and suit, but when i saw them make their entrance in these outfits I decided I wanted them to stay in them. I mean come on with the jacket and pearly dress! How perfect is it? How could I not have her stay in it?

We were given the most amazing sunset view with such soft tones. It was so romantic and dreamy....besides all of the cow patties we were stepping over hahahahaha

Have you ever seen a sweetheart table decorate so perfectly? I swear every single tiny detail of the day was pure perfection. The gold flakes on the cake, the green stone napkin holders, pop fizz clink bottle opener, Mr & Mrs wooden cutouts. Ugh just UGH!!!!!!

I think Axtyn was more excited about the cake than anyone else was!

I wish this day never ended, but I am so so honored to have captured it! The gallery consisted of 600+ photographs, so you are only seeing a fraction of the moments!

This day would not have been the same without all of the amazing vendors involved. It was such a pleasure to capture their detailed work!

Photography: T. Rayne Photography

Videography: Southwest Creative Co.

Florist: Calhoun Flower Farms

hair/MakeUp: The Spa Downtown

Crown: Eden Luxe Bridal

Dress: Anomalie

Jacket: Bash Calligraphy

Alterations & nvitations: Livingston Bridal & Events

Calligraphy: Letters & Such

Catering: Andeles

Cake/Cupcakes: Let Them eat Cake

Sweetheart table: Drunk on Decor

Neon Sign: Bright Nights

Music: Emily & David Fourt, Steve DeVore

Church: Holy Cross Catholic Church

Planner: Alena herself!!!

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