Little Lovebirds

With everything going on in the world, I figured we could all use a little pick me up!!!! Sit back and join us on this little adventure together, enjoying the spring flowers and the innocence of not having any idea what the world looks like right now.

Are you over the moon yet? My heart just melts as I re-live this adventure, listening to them babble to each other, with both moms behind me cheering them on and all of us gushing over how cute they are. Take a step back from the chaos and soak it up!!!

These two look like they are up to no good! The most adorable love story in the making!!!

They had so much fun exploring hand in hand!!!

Are they not the cutest little duo you have ever seen?

I cannot handle the cuteness! They just look like they are having a blast together.

I want to squeeze them and bottle them up. I hope this is brightening your day as much as it does mine!!!

I don't know what it was like from their point of view, we may have just been annoying them and they were talking about how obnoxious we were, but from my point of view they were having the best day ever!

Find your adventure partner and start writing your story!

Make sure to get outside and breathe some fresh air in the midst of the isolation's!!!

And always have a snuggle buddy there to keep you warm!!!

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