Joy Wedding Sneak Peek Gallery

Here is a sneak into Emily & Harold's absolutely STUNNING day! I am so blessed to have captured this for them! Jessica & I have so much fun freezing these moments!!!

Before the ceremony, Emily really wanted to do a first touch, but the guests started arriving so we had to think outside of the box. I asked the gentleman to secret service her out to the spot, which was right in the parking lot! They built a barrier around her and all you could see was the top of her head and her feet! They even built a wall behind me to make sure no one saw her!

The best bridal party ever! And these two just melt me with their goofy love for each other! They are exactly what T. Rayne Photography is all about!!!

Did I mention they are both ballroom dancers? Their first dance was FIRE!!! I almost couldn't even captured it because I was so enamored by the grace and tenderness of it! Her dress was perfect for it the twirls!

And I can't leave this one out because, well, I have no words. A giant fog rolled in and we HAD to go dance in it! This is real life fairy tale right? I cannot wait to share the full gallery!




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