Joy Wedding 2.22.2020

With a last minute change of venue due to NOAH's closing it's doors, Emily & Harold tied the knot at The Canyon Club on 2.22.2020!!! It was a gorgeous rainy day that sprinkled blessings and laughter every step of the way! These two met through the dance program at NMSU and let me just say, WOOOOO they sure can dance!!!!! The best part is they are just two huge goofballs like us, so it was a day full of weirdness, laughter, A LOT of laughter, and some more weirdness.

Emotions. The day was full of tenderhearted moments. I don't know that I could pick my favorite. When we brought the girls into the room to see her, there were so many emotions all around the room! It was such a special moment to share with your closest gal pals on your big day!

Oh these gentlemen......they kept us rolling in laughter the entire day. It was no easy task to reel ourselves back in to stay serious long enough to get the shots! One of my favorite things about weddings is getting to joke with bridal parties and family. I love to have fun and laugh, so it's no surprise we spend the day doing just that!

Okay, grab your tissues and a bag of popcorn, we are only just beginning taking a look into this day! One of the most important things to Emily for her day was to get "first touch" photos. Since we had a change of venue, we improvised. The only problem was that the spot we wanted to use was right in the parking lot where all the arriving guests would be able to see her before the ceremony. I paused for a moment and ran off to find the groomsmen. I asked them if they would secret service Emily to the parking lot and build a wall behind me to block everyone's view. They DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Not even in the slightest. in fact, they took this job VERY serious. They even covered her hair because it started to sprinkle. We pulled it off and they escorted her back to the room just in time for the ceremony!

I love to see how each couple incorporates details into their day, like the mini "tears of joy" tissue boxes for guests to grab on their way into the ceremony, or my favorite, the photo book of their engagement session we did last year in Tent Rocks!

We practiced many times the night before at the rehearsal for timing walking down the aisle and they nailed it! You would be surprised how much preparation goes into the ceremony. Organizing this group was easy though as most of them are dancers! Routine and timing is their specialty.

I was focused on Emily's reaction while Jessica was focused on Harold's, so I missed his reaction, but everyone said he cried before he could even see her. This is true love! She shed her fair share of tears on her walk down to forever!

I love to "ooooh" and "ahhhhh" on the sidelines while capturing the ceremony from every angle possible....even if that means hiding behind some decor to get a perspective no one else in the room will ever experience. this is what I love about capturing these moments. I capture in a way no one else lived or saw it. Melts my heart!!!!

Emily and Harold made sure their parents played a big role in their day! They raised two amazing souls! I always love to see how proud parents are of their babies, no matter how hard it may be to let them go and accept they aren't babies anymore!

This bridal party.....I just can't with them. They are my favorite. Not a single moment left without laughter. They are all big goofs and we love it!

There are just so many of them! It was certainly hard to keep track of where everyone as at all times. This group was super helpful for me all day though!

Ugh okay, now for my favorite part of every wedding. The couple portraits. I don't know why, but I adore this short part of the day because it's the only time they get to be alone, well besides Jessica and I and our loud, weird selves that is. I love letting them just soak up the moment and be excited and proud to be married.

When we saw the forecast showed showers all day, we were a little nervous, but we were all also perfectly okay with being rained on and having some cool rain shots. Jessica brought this adorable, clear umbrella to use....and then it didn't even end up raining when we were outside! We didn't complain, and we still got some really adorable shots!

When they served dinner, we grabbed our food and headed out of the ballroom to eat real quick as it's our only chance to fuel back up all day long! Well, this super cool fog rolled in during dinner and DJ Styles came to get me to make sure we didn't miss the perfect photo opportunity. We grabbed our gear, grabbed the Joy's and ran outside. This was by far my favorite photography experience in my career to date & I am so glad I packed the fairy lights in my bag! These are straight out of a fairy tale princess movie.

Ah these toasts had us cracking up! I always struggle to stay serious and not get wrapped up in how much I adore speeches. i just love to hear about the couple from their best friends point of view. Our best friends know us best, besides our significant other of course!

Oh and there was a Churro bar. Enough said hahaha. Cafe Venture Company did not disappoint with the delicious food and Churro bar!

I have been dreaming about their first dance since we did their engagement photos. Being that they are both ballroom dancers, I just knew it was going to be an epic dance. And it was! Every single movement made her dress sway in the most stunning ways, and they had a blast the whole dance. I wish I could watch them do it over and over again! Jessica and I kept looking over at each other across the room with a look like "IS THIS REAL LIFE?" Between the foggy fairy tale photos and this dance, they must have fallen out of a storybook.

Father daughter and mother son dances were full of twirls and love too! But the dollar dances were highly entertaining. Their gallery was actually 700+ photos, so you're only getting a sneak into the day, but enjoy these for your entertainment! DJ Styles had everyone on the dance floor!

Mmmmmmm cake!!!! Homemade cupcakes in various flavors was the perfect touch to give guests endless options of goodies to snack on throughout the reception! Emily couldn't decide which one she wanted, so she went with multiple. Who can blame her? One of each please!!!

I am always highly entertained for the remainder of the reception. Dancing, alcohol, garter and bouquet toss. They're just so much fun to capture the guests!!!! You can find me in the middle of the dance floor with my camera dancing and capturing at the same time. I just can't help myself. When the Cupid shuffle comes on my bones just start moving!!!

Did you know you can add a photo booth onto your packages with DJ Styles? Oh what a fun way to end the evening in the booth! There were so many options for props! I wanted to join in on the fun!

And now for some behind the scenes, because we are just having fun. Professionals, yes! Serious professionals, NO!! You get goofballs when you book your wedding with T. Rayne Photography. We are real.....real weird! We ask ourselves "how are we allowed to do this?" 20 times throughout the day! Are we allowed to be having this much fun? I don't know the answer to that yet, but we will keep being ourselves either way!!!!

Jessica came for the Churro's......I promise she didn't actually steal the rest of them, but we had a good laugh with some of the catering staff to pretend!

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