Jessica & Brendan

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

If you've been on my page or have had your wedding photographed by us, you likely know who Jessica is. But let me introduce you to B. Her better half. This was the first time I ever met him in person, but we have been talking about him and she has been telling me all of the stories so I KNEW I would love him for her....but I didn't realize just how much!

Jess is one of my best friends and I have grown protective over her the last couple of years, so to see her light up and be just as goofy with B filled my whole heart. If you've worked with us together you know just how wild we imagine that with one extra person JUST LIKE US. Yeah, this session was nothing but giggles, being weird and well, there were a lot of snuggles too.

I had been bugging her to do a session of them together for a while so I was very surprised when she said they wanted to! We have zero regrets and I am obsessed. Can I photograph these two all the time? They are just so fun and true to themselves. It's a match made in really. There is no one out there that could be a better match for her and same for him.

This was one of my favorite sessions to date. Can we leave our houses now so I can capture some more of these two????

"Reel it in" is Jessica's signature move. I'm sure you've seen our countless videos doing this at weddings or wedding shows! It was no surprise we captured this during their session! LOOK AT HER SMILE. I just cannot handle the love!!!

Obsessed yet? I know I am. I flip through this gallery over and over again because I can't get enough!

This entire situation is a story about never again settling for anything less than you deserve and finding someone who will love you unconditionally and be a goofball with you. It is so important in life to surround yourself with people who you can be your true self with. I have never seen Jess be more "Jess" than she is with Brendan.

Don't you just want to go on an adventure with these two?

Laughter. Laughter and more laughter!!!!

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