Hey Taylor. Hey Taylor. Introduce Yourself!

If you aren't a Bring It On fan, then the title isn't going to make sense! But I am here to introduce myself, Taylor, the owner of T. Rayne Photography and face behind the camera. Buckle up and hang tight, you are about to learn who I am and WHY I choose photography over any other potential career out there!

First things first, everything I do, I do for God, not for myself, but I am still human and fall short like the rest of humanity. Second, I love to laugh and smile, but that has not always been the case. I became really sick in 2017 and was diagnosed in early 2018 with Papillary Thyroid Cancer that had spread to my lymph nodes, tongue and lung. Prior to this, I really didn't have much care for my life. I was content with my lack of happiness. Cancer causes a lot of horrible things in someones life and not a single second was easy, but cancer also saved me and showed me that we are given lives that need to be LIVED to the fullest. You never know when your life is coming to an end and we shouldn't be wasting so many moments fighting our way to the finish line. We are supposed to live, love and serve along the way. This brings me to my WHY. Why photography? It's simple. You never know when your last day will be and when that day comes, your family will wish they had more moments captured with you or of you. Photography for me is not a job, (though bills still need to be paid!) Photography for me is freezing a moment in time that will be captured forever. When your babies grow up and you forget how tiny they were or you reach your 50th Wedding anniversary and want to reminiscence...frozen moments captured will be one of the only ways you can do that. Photography is not making a picture perfect moment for me either, it's about creating and capturing REAL moments that you will treasure.

I am 110% a huge weirdo. It's just who I am. Something else cancer taught me was to always ALWAYS just be yourself. Not who you think people want you to be or who you think you should be, just be who you are, exactly as you are. Don't worry what others think of you. There is only one of you and you were created uniquely. I often begin conversations with potential clients by stating that I am just a weirdo who loves capturing moments! I know for some this may be considered unprofessional and risky, but I disagree, it's just who I am. In this field of work I am capturing people as they are, not as I want them or how I think they should look. I am capturing them in their purest, truest form. If I cannot be upfront about who I am, then the chances of them opening up and us having a fun session are slim! In order to help others break out of their shell in front of the camera, I have to make sure I am not holding back the humanity in myself and putting up a fake front for them. It just is not how I do things! I love to have fun and laugh with my clients. I love to get to know their story, the good, the bad and the ugly. I love to know what struggles have brought them to this point in life that have helped shaped who they are.

1. Chick-Fil-A is life. If you ask me where I want to go eat, your chances of hearing anything other than Chick are very slim.....unless it's Sunday, then I will still suggest it and you then have to let me down reminding me they're closed.

2. My camera is my baby. Really though. Her name is Black Widow (which leads me into #3)

3. Spiders. They are my friends. Not really, but if I ever come to your home or you are with me somewhere, it is likely we will be greeted by a spider friend. I don't know why, but they surround me. Ask anyone close to me! #motherofspiders

4. My husband and I have known each other and have been really good friends since I was 4 and he was 5. We even had a fake wedding ceremony on the playground in kindergarten! My very first kiss form a boy was from him on the playground!!!

5. I am the oldest of 5 siblings, however, I am the only child with my parents. I have a 16 year old sister from my dad and step mom. My mom and step dad have my sister who is 8 and my twin brothers who are 6. Why is this fact important? Because they play a huge role in WHY I do this as well. To make sure they know you can chase your dreams and succeed despite the world telling you that you can't!

I love to laugh and be silly, unfortunately not always at the most appropriate times, but hey, if you can't laugh about things, life will eat you alive. I use to HATE my smile. I never felt like I was allowed to be happy. I always thought being miserable was just normal and I had a huge guilt over smiling and laughing. Again, thank you cancer for changing my outlook on my smile. This brings me into a point about YOUR smile, OWN IT, LOVE IT, ACCEPT IT. I cannot tell you how many women tell me everything they wished looked different about themselves in their photos, which I think is crap. Smiles seem to be most women's biggest concern because of the infamous double chin. ROCK IT AND BE HAPPY. Don't let the thought of extra weight stop you from smiling. I let that stop me for YEARS. You are beautiful whether you agree or not.

Let's talk about the hair real quick because well, you can't miss it. Yes, it is very pink. I am convinced I should have been born with pink hair, not blonde. The artist, goofball and rebel in me identify with the pink hair. My favorite color is actually blue surprisingly. I have always tried new natural colors in my hair, but never something full blown colorful. After I decided that I would no longer work in an office and start my business instead, I decided "Why NOT?" and now I don't think I can ever go back to blonde. It has become part of my brand and part of my personality. If you can't tell how weird I am just from the hair, have a conversation with me and you will quickly understand!

If you'd like to know more about me, please do not hesitate to ask me questions! Another fun fact about me...I am an open book!!!

Shout out to my amazing second shooter Jessica Luna Photography for always capturing who I am in the best way possible! And shout out to T-Shirts & Things for my T. Rayne gear!

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