Cassie & Antonia were WAY ahead of the game planning this gorgeous I never thought it would arrive! We met and did their engagement photos in October of 2018, leaving us with 14 months until the big day! Welcome to #herecometheshupbachs!!! Follow along as we re-live this day all over again!

Wedding days are always so hectic and full of wonderful chaos! Having a bridal party that fully supports you, wants to have fun with you on your day and commits to being part of the chaos is a crucial part of wedding planning. This bridal party did NOT disappoint! Full of laughs and new memories as they all began to get ready for such a special moment between the two love birds. Having cute toddler bridal party members also makes the day so much more fun!

Details, details, details! From the Vans to the blue velvet handbag, the rich colors of the day brought it all to life!

From the beginning when we first talked about this wedding, both Cassandra and Antonia were adamant that their parents played a big role in their lives and their day. The sweet gifts they put so much thought into left them all in tears. What special relationships and support to have on a day like this!

Laughter and tears captured. That's how you know it was a beautiful and fun ceremony. I love listening to each couples vows as they are so different and unique at each wedding. Ceremonies don't usually last very long, but the words spoken in that short amount of time carry through for a lifetime!!! Woohoooooo! Officially the Shupbachs!

Fun bridal parties are my favorite! Life is too short to be serious and not have some fun! Keep scrolling because there is so much more fun to be seen!!!

The wind certainly did not work to our advantage, but we had fun with the smoke bombs anyways! #SQUAD goals with this group!

Ahhh my FAVORITE part of the whole day for every wedding is portraits of the newlyweds. It is the first and only moment of the day they get to spend just the two them. I make everyone else leave and give them a moment to celebrate as I capture their excitement and love for each other!

More details! I can't get over how warm and cozy their reception was! Just everything about it was moody and romantic!

I am always so curious what song couples choose for their first dance as a married couple. Some choose the basic Ed Sheeran song that everyone else chooses, or they choose something completely out of the ordinary! These two went with a song that was playing during a special moment of knowing they were in love! How sweet is that! During their engagement session I had them dance to it as I captured both of them slip into tears very quickly. It was such a sentimental moment. I could not wait for them to dance to it on their big day!

Father daughter and mother daughter dances together! What tender moments with their parents. I absolutely loved how much they loved having their parents play a part in each step of the day.

Toasts, my second favorite part of the day! You can usually find me behind my camera crying and laughing along with everyone. I am kind of a baby when it comes to speeches. I just love hearing what their loved ones have to say about them!!

The leaning tower of cake....that fell over not long after this last shot Jessica took of it! I was obsessing over the cactus cupcakes, they're just so cute!

We have so much fun capturing the guests reactions during events! Their faces say it all! What a blast this reception was!!! And who doesn't love the shoe game? Starting out with some arguments to work through hahaha!!!

I also love sneaking couples away during the reception for a quick second to themselves again to be giddy about each other!

And now for the most entertaining and fun part of the whole day, DANCING!!!

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