Harry Potter Engagement Session

After all this time? Always.

When Talia and Chris told me they were going to wear Harry Potter t-shirts to their session, I immediately responded with "Omg YES! Be as extra as possible" and they did NOT disappoint!!!!! From their originally planned t-shirts, magical wands, The Marauders Map, cloaks, Bertie Botts beans and even their shoes, Talia and Chris truly NAILED their engagement session. #nailedit

Wand fights and snuggles, wizards and muggles!!!

What more can one want in their engagement session? As if their theme wasn't cute enough, these two are head over heels for each other. Their playful friendship and tender love for each other had me "AWHHHH"ing the whole session! Really, I cannot get over how adorable they are together.

Okay but really, Gryffindor or Slytherin?

These two vow to not let their house differences be a factor in their relationship and they are proof that love can reside between houses!

Have you purchased your ticket to Hogwarts yet? If this engagement session hasn't convinced you to go binge all 8 movies yet, then I surely know their Harry Potter themed wedding this fall will make you want to!

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