February 2020 Diamond Dash

I know I mention this ALL THE TIME...but I LOVE what I do. I love meeting new couples, having fun and being silly and weird while doing it. I love capturing your moments, big or small. I love growing this company and my career. I am so beyond thankful and blessed to have this opportunity in life to create and make a living at the same time. I must be dreaming! Never in a million years did I think I would be where I am at today, rocking it!!! Being part of the Wedding Collective NM family is such a blessing. From the amazing ladies running it to the encouraging and supportive vendors part of it. I don't have the words to express how truly grateful I am.

Running my own vendor booth at the Diamond Dash was only a dream of mine a few years ago...AND NOW I AM DOING IT! This was my third wedding show and I am learning more and more each time and growing more each time. I have such a blast just being there, but making connections is a bonus!!! I love being able to "work" while being a complete weirdo. I don't run my business the way others run theirs. I am taking a different approach to it because life is too short to be so serious. I am in no rush to be #1, to be the best, to make a ton of money. I am living and growing at my own pace. Authenticity, fun and genuineness are what thrive T. Rayne Photography. If you can't handle us being complete weirdos from the beginning, you certainly can't handle us being weirdos your entire wedding day.

Here are some details from the booth! This is what we are!!!!

Also, big shout out to Jessica & my mom for helping me run the booth, but mostly for just being weirdos with me! Also thanks to my hubby and dad for doing all the heavy lifting to bring this booth to life! And to everyone who took time out of their day to check in on me and see how the day went, thank you for your support in my wild dreams!!! Next stop, Bride's Night Out on May 14th, but you'll catch me with my camera in hand capturing the day instead and I cannot wait!

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