Cheers to Maudie & Jeremy

After many times rescheduling Maudie & Jeremy's engagement session due to weather, we finally had a low wind evening to head out and snuggle up. When Maudie showed me her dress and asked if they can pop a bottle of champagne together I immediately knew this was going to be one of my favorite engagement sessions. Let me just tell you, these two DID NOT disappoint!

When we first met to sign their wedding contract, Maudie was nervous about Jeremy not liking to take pictures! I assured her that the way I run sessions is out of the "norm" and they would hardly notice I was there. Just from the very first photo I took (shown above), I knew these two were going to absolutely ROCK their session. I am already obsessed just from this one photo!!!

Are they not the most snuggly couple you have ever seen? Maudie may have completely froze, but Jeremy made sure to keep her warm!!!

I really don't even believe they are real life. This is such a dream!!!! Would you believe me if I told you he showed up to their first "date" in sweat pants and they watched hours of Netflix together? Adorable AND dreamy????

Pop the champagne, she's changing her last name!!! I cannot wait for their June 2020 wedding!

Sessions with me include making up secret "hand shakes" without using your hands, pretending to be puppets and kissing like it's the last time ever! We always have fun!!!

Can't you just feel how romantic and tender they love each other? Now let's all start counting down the days until their big day because I really cannot wait!!!

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