But First, Starbucks.

Who doesn't love Starbucks? They have everything one can want. Caffeine in many forms! Mocha's and Macchiato's, Latte's and Cappuccino's, tea and lemonade, frapps in many flavors and even cake pops! If you don't already love it, I can guarantee this adorable Starbucks fan will change your mind! When momma told me she bought a Starbucks bow from our sweet friend at Baby O's Bows I KNEW we needed to head to Starbucks to capture this cutie!

This bow from Baby O's Bows was the PERFECT accessory to go with the adorable white Crocs and Pink Drink! Have we completely melted your Starbucks loving heart yet? Just keep scrolling, the cuteness continues!

I am pretty sure this is the exact face she makes when daddy asks how many times her and mommy have been to Starbucks this week!!! Or maybe it's just the face mommy and I made when we realized we gave her caffeine......WHOOPS! Either way, we all can relate!

I hope you've enjoyed this adorable session as much as we have!!! I bet you're craving a nice refreshing drink now! I know I am. See you later, off to Starbucks........again!

T. Rayne Photography

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