Behind the Curtain

Oh hey! Welcome to T. Rayne Photography where fun and comfort are our top priority for your photography experience. Having your photos taken can come as a chore if being in front of the camera is not your favorite thing to do! With a "prompt" approach creating motion within images, we capture the most raw and natural of moments. Having your photos taken should be fun and exciting!!!

Before we share the photos from the making of our film, I want to give a huge shoutout to Jar & Crys Films for their stunning work bringing this wedding show to life with Wedding Collective New Mexico!!!

Another huge shoutout to Bosque Flower Studio for her beautiful creation to represent the boldness and fun of T. Rayne Photography!!!

If you caught our video in the Behind the Curtain Virtual Wedding Show, then you have already seen a few of the photos take from the making of the film, but I want to share more of the gallery with you!!! Perfection is never the goal when capturing your moments because well, life is not perfect and none of us are either. providing a fun experience that makes you want to have your photos taken over and over again is the goal here at T. Rayne Photography!

I will capture funny moments with silly faces as well as moments of pure emotion and love between you. I am here to tell your story as it is and create ew memories with you that will be frozen in time forever and ever!

With silly prompts like "run to her in slow motion...but you HAVE to make the sounds, and then embrace her like she is the cutest thing you have ever seen." or even prompts like "get super close together and cozy LIKE WE ARE MARRIED NOW and then touch your noses together, but I want top hear you both say 'boop' when you do it!" These create natural motion in your gallery and raw smiles from the goofiness!

Sometimes I even make you do "sneak attacks", but you must have fun with it!

All of it is to create that one photo that you will fall in love with over and over again!!!