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If I told you this entire styled shoot was planned, executed and completed in just one week, would you believe me? Well you should because the planning of this began on a Monday evening and the gallery was completed and delivered by Sunday evening!!!

Let me start by saying how incredibly honored, proud and blessed I am to have been part of this. When Imyraly told me her dreams of opening up a proposal planning business, I immediately began encouraging her to go for it! As a dream chaser myself, I knew she could do it. We have been talking about a styled shoot for a while, so when she came to me Wednesday evening and asked me to be part of it, of course my answer was YES!!! Then she told me the theme would be Beauty and the Beast and I REALLY couldn't contain my excitement. Every single detail was perfectly pieced together!!!

Are you obsessed with this gallery yet? I know I am! Each and every vendor who was part of this brought so much life to the details. Perfectly scripted signs by Rebel Girl Creative, stunning floral arrangements by Bosque Flower Studio, and all of the other gorgeous details and furniture by Black Bow Events, Darling Details Rentals and My Beloved Vintage Rentals.

The entire setting was stunning! How did I get so blessed to be the one capturing all of this? It feels like a real life fairy tale. Anyone who chooses Imyraly to plan their engagement can expect a dreamland and surely the big YES they are hoping for!!!

My favorite detail of them all was the ring, which is Imyraly's ring! The yellow diamond seriously was made for this shoot. It brought the entire set up together and made it truly a fairy tale proposal that every Disney lover would absolutely swoon over!

Let me introduce you to our model couple, Haley and Bryce. These two actual said "I do" in November, but they were PERFECT for this! I don't think I have met a couple as excited about being married as these two, which made directing them to be lovey and excited to be "engaged" a breeze!

Bryce awaits his beauty and guides her down the steps as they head down to the beginning of forever! She has NO idea what she is about to see when he walks her over to the proposal sight. She certainly knows she has fallen madly in love with this prince and is enjoying their date though!!!

The two love birds make their way through a brick courtyard that will lead them to the stunning proposal sight where he will ask her to be his bride and spend forever with him as one!

Can you imagine your significant other walking you up to THIS? Haley certainly acted the excitement out perfectly! We won't talk about all of the funny things Bryce was telling her to make her laugh for us, but it worked!!

We couldn't decide on just one way he would meet her, so we played it out two ways! The first, as you saw before, he met her at the door and guided her down. For this one we decided she would meet him, maybe after a series of scavenger hunt clues leading her there? You can fill in the missing holes with your imagination on how this would really play out! Haley's reaction was ON POINT for both scenarios! You would never know this was all staged based on her reaction as she walks to see him standing in front of the proposal sight!

And now for the big question.............

Okay, if I hadn't been telling you from the beginning that this was all styled and staged, you probably wouldn't believe me based on these photos, but I promise it was and I already cannot wait to see all of the real proposals she will plan and execute just as perfectly!!!

Getting engaged is one of those BIG moments in your life and everyone wants it to be perfect. If you ask anyone who is married, I'm sure they can tell you every detail of their proposal and tell you exactly what they were feeling in that moment. Choosing Imyraly to plan this moment for you will be one of the best decisions you make, besides choosing forever with the love of your life of course!

After we mocked the proposal, I HAD to capture some moments between Haley and Bryce as newlyweds! Don't they look like they just got engaged and are on cloud 9 though?

Now let me brag on this #bossbabe. Chasing your dreams is terrifying, maybe the most terrifying thing you will do in life. It is uncomfortable and the thoughts of failure swarm your mind daily. It stops a lot of people from taking the leap of faith and going for it, but it did not stop Imyraly! She is faithfully and forcefully going for it despite everything that tells her not to and that takes an immense amount of strength and determination. We are all beyond excited and proud of this goal crushing beauty. I cannot wait to see where this leads her on her journey and am so excited for every couple that crosses her path. Don't ever stop chasing after your passions, life is too short to not go for it!

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