2020 Recap

2020 sucked, but there were still so so many moments that made the year worth it! 2020 started with a newborn session and ended with a newborn session, which is funny because 2021 will begin with a newborn session as well! So many babies! GIVE ME ALL THE BABIES!!!! I really adore growing with your little loves and capturing their milestones. Here's to many more moments and milestones with these squishy babes!!!

Now that you've gushed over those babies, you can gush over all of these adorable couples we captured! I will never stop loving couples sessions the most. Playing and adventuring with these couples fills my soul with so much joy and love. Every love story is it's own and every one is written so perfectly. I even had the blessing of capturing some of them a few times throughout the year!!!

You may not know this, but we were gearing business to be mostly weddings prior to Covid. I had big big dreams and goals and was working so hard to grow the business in the wedding industry. It's where my heart is at! It's where the story telling begins! I had 15 weddings cancel and it really broke the point where I would just break down into tears every time a brides name popped up on my phone to tell me the devastating news. Covid ruined weddings for us here in New Mexico. Despite the cancellations, I was still blessed with the opportunity to capture a couple of wedding days! 2020 was humbling.

Who runs the world? GIRLS!!!! If you have been following me for a few years then you probably remember Project Love Yourself. It tore me apart to shut down the project, but I am still all about empowering women to love the skin they are in. Confidence is beauty!

Let's talk about all of the brave momma's bringing life into a completely unrecognizable world. 2020's momma's are a whole new level of strong. Lonely appointments. Forced inductions. Fears of the unknown. No baby showers or celebrations. And don't forget about delivering in a mask...

Toddlers and kids. I have no words hahahaha!!! I love them so much, but boy do I leave those sessions wondering where my energy went! I always joke with parents that kids suck the energy straight out of them. It is not wrong. But look at how cute they are!!!!

Congratulations to the graduates and seniors of 2020. What a year to be completing such a big milestone. I am sorry, but also, welcome to life. It is full of surprises and challenges. It doesn't end after Covid.

Celebrating small businesses extra extra right now. This is NOT an easy time to be a business owner. The strength and drive from these beautiful souls gives me so much motivation! Surround yourself with hard working dream chasers!

If you don't already know, Halloween is my favorite time of year. I was beyond excited when clients started booking Halloween sessions and showing up with some fun themes! I cannot wait to continue this tradition and capture more and more Halloween themed shoots!!!

WE ARE FAMILY!!!! Family is so important. I think 2020 taught us that. It also taught us that being stuck in a house together for days on end can be challenging. My heart is so full from all of the amazing families I had the honor of capturing. I just love these moments so so much.

Last but not least, Christmas sessions were a blast! I am not the biggest fan of the holidays, but these fun sessions make it so much more worth it! Also, Mr. & Mrs. Dino came back to see us, so that was pretty cool!

If you've made it this far, now you can be entertained by some behind the scenes!!!

Thank you to everyone who made 2020 still full of life!!! I am so grateful!

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