2019 Wedding Recap

Oh what an AMAZING year it has been!!! Towards the end of 2018 I prayed and prayed about the future growth of T. Rayne Photography and truthfully I had NO idea how blessed we would be just one year later. As we close out the year I want to take a peek into the absolutely stunning season we had in 2019. From the beautiful couples to the all of the amazing vendors that came together to create these moments in time, we are so blessed!

Weddings never use to be something I enjoyed capturing, in fact, I dreaded them. Now....THEY ARE MY FAVORITE!!! The uniqueness of each couples story and the personal touches you see throughout their day that shares that story with everyone are such special moments to capture. I just cannot get enough!

Weddings last only a few hours after months of planning and then the couple enters into marriage and their new lives as one. It all happens so fast! Freezing this day for them to cherish for a lifetime fills my heart with such joy.

I look back on these days over and over again all year long. I laugh and cry all over again when I see these moments. How did I get so blessed to freeze such an important day for all of these amazing souls?

I really could just go on and on about how much I love being a wedding photographer, but no amount of words come close to it! Your wedding day is something you think about your whole life. It's one of those BIG moments! I just love being a fly on the wall that shares the day through a different set of eyes.

If you've been married and had a wedding then you know what I mean when I say you miss a lot of your wedding through the hustle and bustle of the day. You may have not even seen the little details you spent so much time on. That's what your photographer is for, to make sure you remember those moments and details forever!

Moments are my priority for every wedding. Capturing the raw, the emotional, the funny, the tender and the real moments. I avoid posing and focus on creating. Creating laughter and emotional moments through connecting with each couple on a personal level. I am not JUST a photographer. I am developing friendships along the way. I want to truly get to know their hearts and souls. Who they are, not what they are. They are not just another checked off day at work for me.

There are so many smiles and real love captured for my couples. 50 years from now the stress of the day will have faded and these galleries will be what they have to look back on and remember the day. Fun, love, laughter, the list goes on. I want my couples to feel nothing but the joy of their union when they look back on these moments.

Never in a million years did I guess this would be how I would LIVE my life. I emphasize the LIVE because that is what I'm doing. Not going to work and then living life after the bills are paid. I am living and working all in one. This is the most rewarding and creative life I would have never dreamed for myself. Some days I forget that it's real because I just cannot believe it.

Aside from the amazing couples I have captured this year, I have met and grown to adore incredible vendors here in the community. So many other individuals with the same love and passion to create for couples. There are so many blessings that have come with taking a leap of faith to grow this photography business!

One of my favorite things about photographing weddings is that it's only the beginning of moments I capture for these families! Continuing to watch and capture as their new lives grow is such fun. My second shooter, Jessica, and I joke all the time about serenading brides with our weirdness, but truthfully, we just want to hook you with the experience of having your moments captured by passionate individuals who are just having fun and being themselves. There is enough seriousness in this world!

To say I'm excited for all of the weddings life has in store for me to capture in the future is a complete understatement. 2020 alone has me excited beyond words!

Smiles. Is that the first thing you see when scrolling through these mini galleries? I know it is for me. But these are not just smiles for the camera. These are real smiles. Raw. Honest. Pure. I don't think we see ourselves smile enough. This is one of my favorite things about photography in general. Seeing yourself and your happiest of moments frozen. You should feel something when you look at photographs. It's the only time travel we have.

Thank you to everyone who made this such an amazing year. I am beyond blessed and grateful for the growth 2019 has brought and I will cherish every moment captured for the rest of my life!

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