Hello and welcome to T. Rayne Photography. My name is Taylor and I am the eye behind the camera and owner of T. Rayne Photography. I have loved photography since I was a little girl, always carrying a disposable camera around with me everywhere I went! I graduated with my Bachelors in Marketing, but soon after graduation I realized my heart was behind the camera. I have many reasons for having so much passion for photography, but the biggest reason is having the ability to capture the beauty of each soul God has crafted. I love to freeze moments in time that would otherwise fade away. I enjoy meeting new people and creating new memories with them. Being able to capture Gods creations and show them who they are from someone else's perspective rather than their own is such a blessing. I have and will continue to focus photography for the works of the Lord. I am here to have fun, to laugh, to cry, and to create new memories with each of my clients. 

Here at T. Rayne Photography, we focus on growth and learning, not perfection. I cannot promise you every single picture will be perfect, but I can promise it will be real and raw. We strive for laughter and memories, not awkward poses. Kids can simply be kids! We let them run the sessions! Families can make memories and couples can be themselves! We won’t ask for fake smiles. We will capture REAL smiles. We try to make every session personable and comfortable. I’m not just your photographer, I’m your friend, I’m your family. We won’t be just capturing photos, we will be creating and capturing memories to last a lifetime! We strive to create the most comfortable photography experience for all!





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