Hello, welcome to Taylor Rayne Photography,

(formerly known as T. Rayne Photography)

 I am Taylor Rayne, the face behind the lens! I started this company in 2017, fresh out of college, at 22 years old. After graduating with a Bachelors in Marketing I decided that my heart and passion were focused on capturing milestones for families to relive over and over again. Not long after starting the business, I found out I had cancer and my love for freezing time grew deeper. Here we are, years later, still capturing every milestone possible!


I am here to capture your candid, in between moments through every milestone while creating new memories together that will last a lifetime!

Taylor Rayne Photography focuses on providing you with a fun, authentic and joyful photography experience. By prompting organic moments with you and your loved ones we can capture you in your truest form, creating a timeless gallery you will surely enjoy year after year!